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Brendan Gleeson has no reason to continue living. He spends his nights watching horrible German porn and drinking endless bottles of cheap wine. He’s lonely, he’s isolated and most of all he’s afraid. His only friend in life is his faithful dog Podge.

The day finally arrives when Brendan decides to end it all. First he kills Podge, then he turns his gun on himself. But when the moment comes to pull the trigger Brendan is just not able to do it. Something – he doesn’t know what – stops him from committing the act.

Brendan desperately needs help.

The internet is full of advice for people with depression but, as Brendan quickly finds out, most of it leaves you feeling more depressed than you were to begin with. After hours of aimless searching, he stumbles across a self-help site run by a man the same age as himself called Gus. He pings Gus an email explaining his situation. Gus responds immediately and the two set up a date for a Skype session.

Gus is not a professional therapist and, at first, Brendan has plenty of reason to doubt his methods. But soon the two men strike up a friendship and before long they take off on a journey - a journey into the heart of the Irish countryside in search of a reason to go on living.

The Island Of Evenings features David O’Neill as Brendan and Liam Heslin (Dublin Old School) as Gus. Christian Murray, Elynia Betts and Colin Condon complete the cast. Garry Miley wrote the script. He also produced, directed and edited the film. Location sound was recorded by Niall O’Sullivan (Frank). The film has yet to be screened but hopefully will hit the festival circuit later in 2018. It has a run time of 1h 12mins.

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