RCP 5 features David O’Neill, Paul O’Dea and Christina Murray. It was filmed by Kevin Cantrell with sound recording by Niall O’Sullivan. Garry Miley directed and edited. It played at the Fastnet Film Festival, The Cork Underground Film Festival, The Dublin International Short Film And Music Festival, Hold On To Your Shorts New Jersey, and The Underground Cinema Film Festival.

RCP 5 is based on the Roald Dahl classic The Man From The South. It’s about a young man who engages in an unusual bet with a stranger he meets in the middle of the countryside. If he wins the bet, he gets a fantastic motorbike. But if he loses…

Several attempts have been made to bring The Man From The South to the screen. These include efforts by Tarantino, Hitchcock and Dahl himself. However, none of them have managed to conjure up the eerie tension that so marks the original. So we decided to give it a go - we wanted to see if we could tell a scary story better than Hitchcock could.

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